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Service manuals for free


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This is of a benefit  to all. Great stuff Yustas....saves me (and others) from uploading to FTP all the time to share.

Hope the Minilab Help community shows some appreciation for this gesture.

Thank you   -   and have a great Christmas.

P.S. Now if only someone could devise a "Spectrumcolors" blocker.........

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I'd noticed that only thos things are FREE which is easily available. But all those Manulas and sofware which you actually need, you have to buy.

Usually every end-user already has "those Manuals" and only "Service Manuals"  he has on demand.

That is why I placed Service Manuals  Free of charge for downloading at my website.

If you want to get the full kit of 'books' - you will have to pay of course.

But usually only lazy person pays...


Any installation/operation manuals you can find for free in the space of Internet.

just be polite and ask- people help you.

Can someone tell me how to reach "Spectrumcolors"?

Do you think that you will get all manuals free from this company? :)  :)

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Eugene, I think it wise to ignore that individual.  I think it's "him".... the one we don't ever want to see again....

It's his first post, and who does he reference ?  

All he has to do is google, or look at any of the other idiot's posts and he'll find what he's referring to.

Ignore him.  And delete his post.  And his account for that matter.  Sorry if it sounds I'm a bit harsh, but I'm done with his silly childish mannerisms.

Thank You Eugene for all that you do for us and the mini-lab community in general.

Have a great new year.

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I will ask our representative in my  branch in Japan.

He will try to find it.

But I do doubt that it will be for free.

We will have to pay for it anyway.

Old and rare model- no support...

Are you ready to  pay if we find it for you?  :)

I do not need it and do not want to buy it just for " to have"...

P.S. BTW: Where are you from?

Could you discover your location and phone number?

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