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R Laser temperature is out of range-No. 6107-0001


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It is most likely a wiring problem with the red laser. Check the two small white wires coming out of the laser unit and also the Red and Black pair . These are the sensor and heater wires, respectively. Also check the two small black wires (attached together), they are the unit thermo sensor.

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Yes all correct...


Open the top cover (not a cover of a laser unit!) and get access to the laser area.

Inspect connectors 133 (TEC) and 134 (termistor) at the Laser I/O PCB #J390641.

Reconnect them for in case.

If all these actions will not help - Laser I/O PCB #J390641 is probably defective.

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Thank you Kevbo & Yustas, I checked all the cables you talked about. I swapped the laser units,changed the Laser I/O PCB & I got the following messages: 6075-0004 G Laser control error

                6074-0004 B Laser control error

                6073-0001 Synchronous sensor error

I went on to put back the old laser together with Laser I/O PCB from another machine, again I get the errors:

             6073-0001 Synchronous Sensor error &

             6107-0001 R Laser temperature is out of range.

So please help me because the machine cant print right now

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