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Noritsu 3202 paper profiles


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We run Supra VC using the Supra VC profile, and its great. we are running a 3202SD. I seem to recall others having issues with this paper but we have not had any.

I was not having a go at you magicfoto, I just get sick of so many people wanting free software all the time, when some of us actually go out and buy it.

I call it an investment in my business.

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I just want to know how to use good profiles that I have:

I have Profile data VOL2 v.713, is it the latest?

I have also Profile Data VOL3 Ver N.2.12 is it for EZ-Controller only?

I have 3501 and 3501PLUS, but I don't know wich one use on each minilab,and I want to know if those are updated.

I need to know how to setup my minilabs to get better color.

does the supra endura VC profile in one of the profiles I have?


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I think its interesting that some of the profiles are labeled differently that what they are....Like the Fuji for example.... I set that up as suggested by big dave - and it looks perfect!! I have another question - I am thinking about putting in an order kiosk - any suggestions from anyone?  Are they easy to set up?  I want one that customers can use easily...I have seen the noritsu for sale - but never used one...Any suggestions would be helpful... Thanks again all...

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