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Noritsu viewing software problem with Windows 7


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We are assuming what you are  saying here is: You burn CD's on the QSS (W2K or XP upgrade) but the customer cannot read your discs on their W7 PC!

You can install Nero on the Noritsu QSS to burn CD's. It will sit in the background  burning while you are printing  without bogging down the QSS too much......well at least you don't have to W-A-I-T for the EOM Noritsu burning software to  processes  the files. You could probably install  other known  brand name proprietry software, I just know Nero worked for us in the field without  conflict.

The term "seamlessly" comes to mind.

A couple of "Windoze" forums  have posts about W7 64 bit compatbilty, some CD formats and the software application that burnt the discs. Do you know what version of Win7  your customer(s)  might have installed.

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Is it the Noritsu viewing software program that is burnt onto the CD you are having problems with?

Or is it the actual CD is not readable on a Windows 7 PC?

If the problem is with the viewing software, I suggest you just burn the images without the viewing software. Go to operator selections, click the image save tab, on the viewer software selection, set it to not in use.

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