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QSS3300 Driver Installation Issue


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A while ago I was contacted to configure a Noritsu QSS3300 minilab for use with a new PC in a network, after the person who previously configured it left.

I'm trying to install the driver onto a Windows XP machine that is able to ping the printer and other nodes in the network. When I run the driver install from the CD I get the error:

" You have not passed CD key certification for your QSS Printer Driver."

And the installer does not continue. I have the CD Key on a label in the original CD box, but apparently have no way to enter this. Where does this error come from and how can I get around it?

Thanks in advance,


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I attempted downloading and installing a QSS Printer Driver found on this forum and adding the Noritsu over the network. According to the manual provided with the software the printer should show itself and it's IP somewhere in Ethernet QSS window.

The printer is turned on and connected to this PC, and we are able to ping eachother.


Any suggestions?

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On the Windows XP machine can you access the QSS-3300 via My Network places ?

The username should be: Administrator and the password: 2260

Are both computers on the same WORKGROUP ?

On the QSS you may need to go into net order/ controller mode for it to be detected.

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I am looking for Qss 3300 printer driver

and when I am search for the software for qss 3300 server pc some body told me there is two versions old one non SD and new one

how I know which one is supported for my machine

and how I know my machine is SD or Non SD

thanks in advance

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Hello. QSS3300SD doesn't exists. QSS3300 can be :

QSS3300 - running QSS3300 software, with scanner

QSS3300 DLS - the same minilab running Kodak DLS software, with scanner

QSS3300 PRO - the same minilab running PRO software, without scanner

QSS3300i - iBeam instead laser. Works running QSS3300i software


Very strange situation with QSS3300 minilabs. They have not SD ( software driven ) in their name, but really these minilabs work the same as SD minilabs. QSS3300 series minilabs have not image processing pcb, digital ICE pcb, scanner directly connected to scanner and all image processing inside computer. The same works all SD minilabs from QSS33 series ( QSS-3301SD, QSS-3302SD, QSS-33SD PRO ) .

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