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3211 Roller Marks


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Here is a scanned image. The machine sat in an unventalated warehouse for a few months. You can see the roller marks in the upper portion. We have not replaced the rollers. Do you recommend anyone for parts? We called Noritsu and they said for the complete crossover was $500!


-Metro Photo

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Dirty splotchy marks on the leading edge (if that show I see the direction of advance) are usually caused by crossover rollers as you have already guessed, the primary culprit will be the one from Dev to Bleach . These foam rollers are a little on the expensive side to replace, they  tend to fall to pieces, expand on the core and slip during transport when the foam deteriorates. Can also be the felt squeegee rollers  just before the dryer. They have a tendancy to detach off the roller core, but you might expect paper jams when this happens.

Rollers for the Bleach to STB crossover might become swollen showing irregular patterns (likewise in the racks) which cause gaps between the paper contact surfaces, this can also lead to dirty prints.

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I was reading this thread and we also have roller marks on the leading edge of our prints and they continue the entire length of the print but are fainter.  We are running a Noritsu 3211. They roller marks are more or a yellowish stain and don't rub off easily.  We have new rollers on the No. 2 crossover.  I've cleaned the BF rack and put on a new lower turner guide belt.  The chemistry is good.  The roller marks are very noticeable on white prints.  I've never replaced any of the rollers in the machine expect for the NO. 2 Crossover and the machine is 2 years old.  How do you know if you need to replace the cross over rollers versus the rollers in the rack?  Thanks

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Leading edge "dribble" only is usually a result of the cross overs rollers deteriorating. To localise where the marks are coming from you might need to match the stains with the roller patterns and swelling for either  the racks and/or cross-overs. Simply cleaning the rollers doesn't neccessarily  mean you'll solve the problem.

Where the rollers swell and contact the paper surface is also the point at which a chemical breakdown of the  roller ( synthetic) material is starting to take place. Swelling also means additional pressure on the paper surface inhibiting to some degree full processing in sympathy with these "pressure" marks.

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Photocorp, thanks for the information.  We changed out the STB and the problem seems to be resolved or at lease it is a lot better.  I hope that was the problem since we did everything we know how except replacing rollers.  We are trying to avoid the replacement of rollers unless it is really the problem.

Babyfaces, thank you for the information on parts.  I will check them out.  I am sure we need to replace the rollers at some point.

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