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3202 Color issues


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Well Another issue popped up today...I do a daily set up and all is fine.. I print for a while - then all of a sudden one of the paper types (im using kodak supra and Fuji archive II both luster) will just print with a magenta tint... I then do a new emulision change for that paper and it does correct it and go back to normal... What could be causing this? any ideas would be greatly appreciated here also... Thank you so much for your help...Have a lot of "issues" with this printer...

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THought you should all know... I did a test on all of the laser diagnostics (laser test software loaded on pc) and everything checked out ok... Someone on another forum suggested that I check all of the connections... I reseated everything I could including all of the cables and wires going to computer desk... As of now - I have printed several hundred prints without any "magenta" in it... In fact after I turned it on- they were all too "blue" because of the emulsion changes we had done to compensate for too much red... Thanks again for all of your help...

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