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Scanner Error - Remove 240 film from film carrier


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"Remove 240 film from film carrier"  is not error.It is just instruction what to do first. Noritsu errors has numbers and extensions. I think in your case is 1406-xx. Please write them.

If you have error 1406 that means one of 240 film receiving sensors doesn't see infrared light from transmitters ( infrared light diodes ). In attachment is 1406-xx error troubleshooting. I repair these carriers so I each time I had many different faults, when I had this error.Of course the first try to clean sensors, Try to carry out the sensor LED light intensity adjustment for AFC ( when 240 lane is selected ).If it will not help go to the service mode. The first make carrier service  backup. Then try to make sensor sensitivity adjustment. Also pay attention what values you have for sensor, which cause error. If both of them are 255 and you still have error, that means you have hardware problem. You can find it using oscilloscope, multimeter and other testing equipment.

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