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Noritsu+program does not print


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If you have a back-up FD (your usual weekly or daily back-up) from a previous time  to when you started to experience colour issues, then simply recover from that back-up floppy.

As Fingerz602 says, the QSS computer was never intended to connected to the internet. Automatic MS updates can severely impact with the QSS software and it's embedded settings, maybe even colour management. If you cannot resolve the problem with reloading back-up then you might have to do a full recovery on the PC and re-install the Noritsu software. The QSS-3001 runs Win2000 and later Service Pack-4. Noritsu software upgrades were engineered around this configuration to be specific. If you have upgraded to XP or whatever I'm not familiar with the implications.

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If your Noritsu lab is your main source of earning income, do not even think about putting it on the net. We do not even have an antivirus on our lab, but the only way that files can be accessed by the lab is via the network on which each computer has AV software. The only program we have on our 3202SD is Photoshop 7 and that is only so we can do quick photoshop actions if needed.

Basically the less non Noritsu software you have on your lab, the better!

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