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cutter not cutting


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my opinions :

1) Make sure all processing racks are turning smoothly.

2) Don't use teeth-wornout film leader as they cannot be driven forward properly escpecially with film on it.

3) check swelling of 1st pair of roller in CD rack entracne or the creamy white rubber rings is not loose from roller.

4) Pull out the DEV racks, check the side big gears timing by looking at the notches on the gear surfaces. If they are in wrong order, film leader can not be driven synchronize and have timing problem. i.e driving teeths from sprockets inside rack are not going into holes of film leader but hitting on the leader surface.

2)  3) and 4) are the most occurrences that film leader is not travelling well and stop-and-run or stop or jam in racks...If this happens in your Dev rack.... your film will stop in CD and over-developed for sure.

hope above information helps.. and good luck

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