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12" x 32" Print on MP1600/2701


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With some changement described on this forum, I can produce now with the DLS 3.0 Software a 12 x32“ print. :)

But the MP1600 alert soon after 24” some “paper jump errors” and disconnect the paper pressure after 24”, that the MLVA makes the picture going on with some black and with lines.  :(

Do someone know, how to change the “paper jump time monitoring” on the MP1600?

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You cannot make a print longer than 24 inches on an Mp1600 with DLS software, I tried many time. The longest I was able to produce was 12x24 but they had a 50% rate of having a printer crease in them as they came out. A number of people have posted here about longer prints but I have never had any success and do not beleive it is possible due to the may the paper feeds. I could be wrong, I would like to be wrong but I don't think I am.  We only replaced our dls2721 and mp1600 3 months ago so this is still very fresh in my mind.

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