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Syncronisation Error and B Laser error


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Hi volks,

I have just borad a complete "refurbished" QSS 3011 and once I took it first time into action it gave me a 6073 Synchronous Sensor Error followed by a 6074 B Laser control unit.

WHat I did to check for a cheap solution:

1) I have swopped the AOD´s. Means I have just swopped the drivers and the cables remained in there old poistion. The error after that maneauver remained the same. I have connected and reconnected all wires and plugs. No result. I have swopped the green and blue Laser PCB but everything remained the same. The failure as written above.

As it seems and as much I have read in this wonderfull Forum, this doesn´t sound great. I put all of my spare money into the project and now I am in front of the decision what to do. The laser diagnostic program, from minilablaser.com (Thanks so much for the download opportunity) told me that from 1000 sync tries 1000 have been failed on the blue laser.

Any ideas what can possibly went wrong on the transport from Miami to Nicaragua.  The company claims that the unit has been 100% refurbished and was in top condition leaving the company.

I would be greatfull for any kind of help.


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Do not interfere into inside of the unit.

All you need is to "work" only with your refurbisher.

If there is no visible damages on the body and you did not drop it on the floor   :) - ask for refund or refixing the laser.

If they think about their reputation - they will help.

But do not even try to ask for refund if you have not sent the laser back for revision.

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A Last chance might be the an software update since the unit comes with E002 which as it seems is quiet dated. Since I have swapped the Laser driver  also this error source has been checked. The one missing is the i/o board and the one which runs the AOM.

Can somebody provide an updated printer driver software that I can also exclude this possibilty?



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Hi.To test laser you can use Laser SelfDiag software for QSS30xx. For tests you can swap AOM drivers ( all three are the same ) and you can  have swap the green and blue laser driver PCB.To make other tests with laser you should have equipment to control laser and AOM drivers.To check signals from other boards you should have good oscilloscope and technical knowledge.

Usually laser need refurbishment, if changing AOM driver and laser driver don't help. Only three times I had different fault : once was short circuit  in BNC connector ( replaced BNC connector ),  another was defected laser control PCB ( I repaired it ) and in third minilab power supply was too low ( repaired power supply ).

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Odds are that it is a bad blue laser. 99% of the time this is the fault as you describe. You should check with the seller for a warranty repair. If it is AAA Imaging they are good about that type of thing. I can't speak for any of the others. If they cannot (will not) help you then you should contact National Laser Co. (see ad in upper right corner of this page). They can repair it quickly.

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