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2901 Paper Jam Problem


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Still having problem with our 2901...this time we keep getting an error message (6034-05) indicating that there is a paper jam in the paper advance section, and it appears that the paper is being cut, elevated, but doesn't get fully inserted into the exposure advance area.  This has been a hit and miss, with days when we can print two hours straight without the error, and other days when we just can't seem to get past it.

We have checked every connection on boards related to the printer, and no loose connections, and I wonder if one of the boards is going bad (PCB 2).

Any suggestions?

Thank you...

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Just before the exposure advance rollers are 2 sets of rollers left and right, these are moved open and closed by 2 small motors. Check that the rollers are moving properly in output check mode.

If the rollers look dirty give them a good clean.

Check for loose fallen screws etc, I've found a screw wedged into the shaft of these small rollers before, the machine would print about 20 prints then jam, as the wedged screw got hot from the friction it would dig into the shaft preventing the rollers from turning!

To see that area better, remove the shiny plate from underneath the unit (where Mag B is) it's fixed with tiny Phillips screws.

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Another Question...

Anybody have any idea how to access wiring schematics for 2901?  I am curious to see if there is a loose connection affecting the "Paper exposure start sensor - center one" which is not turning "dark" and causing the paper jam.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't...

How do we access information about which PCB connections affect which components?  The only thing I can find in the service manual is a general description of the function of the PCBs...

Thanks again...

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