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Noritsu QSS 3301


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I have a Noritsu QSS 3301 Digital Printer. It is prenting a solid bottle green color on all paper. I have tried everything I know how to do, which is not a lot, to no avail. If I exspose the paper first it will print black as expected but if I try to print pics it just comes out green. any suggestions would be very helpfull. Thanks.

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I don't believe it is the Green AOM Driver. If it was not getting any green laser to the paper the image would appear green but you would still be able to see the image.

In fact I do not believe this is laser related at all.

Have you tried reseting the data? Restoring backup data?

It could be a problem with the image board. This appears to be the result of the Red and Blue lasers being driven at maximum without any Green laser.

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I can see only black sheet...

Or am I blind? Where green bottle pic?

perhaps I am wrong here but :

There is a few suggestions:

1. AOM driver is dead ( there is no modulation - no image)

2. Laser driver is dead (no power supply at laser head - no image)

3. Laser head is failty.

But I guess that AOM driver is the most likely cause ( "kodak service" was right)

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Yeah! I was looking for green bottle too (not).

Trivia drivel

The reference probably confused others, but bottle green is  a generic  hue of color  more associated with  times past when glass bottles for condiments, soft drinks  or whatever  came in many and varied colors.

My wife's a "bottle blonde" but that's  another inference not so much relevant to the issue at hand. Guess it means distinctive or stands out!

......Someone's showing their age here, must be an old "fart" like myself!

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