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Qss 3300 prcessing solution safety thermostat


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Clean the level sensor of your Stabilizer ,maybe is dirty ! and your QSS3300 don't see the true level of your stabilizer! if is good clean your temperature sensor and make a calibration in QSS menu/extension/maintenance or proccessing/thermosensor calibration (maybe it's nesessary to put the service disk to see this menu (red words)


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i hope you have some experiences in electronic. on your processor you'll see a black iron cover protecting the heater,

float swiches and so on: this error allways come from a hy temperature in the tank related as for you the stabiliser

this temperature is only stucked in the filter box where the heater and the themosensor are. this is due to a circulation pump malfunction .

repair method: remove all the stab from this tank and remove the circulation located under the filter box then open it and clean it othewise change it with a new one

nb; in the float switch there's an overheating controlling system you can disconect it and control with a multimeter calibrated at the buzer. mesure the first two pins from the left and the two in the meedle and the two las;t the couple  that will not buz is the overheating controller shortcicuit it then try. beware not to use your printer that way you have to change your bad pump

good luck


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gg is correct the heater is working but your chemistry is not been recirculated. The side tank is very small and the Stabiliser heater big as it heats all the tanks by pumping it through radiators in the other stab tanks. Imagine a kettle, its heating up the 2 or 3 pints in the side tank, reaches the required temp and turns off the heater but the heaters still hot so the temp keeps rising and goes over the maximum allowed. With no filter you should be able to see movement on the surface of the side tank. When working it will draw the cold chemistry into the heater side tank and blow it back into the main tank.

Check the pump is running and then strip it or replace it.

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The radiators are inside the side tanks of the other Stabiliser tanks. Only one heater and sensor for Stabiliser.

The machine has a thermal popper type sensor at the bottom of the float switch to stop it boiling the chemical, it pops when the temp goes over around 42 and should reset once it drops again, get the recirculation running and take it from there

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On 2/15/2011 at 5:02 PM, Kevbo37 said:

I do see movement on the surface of the side tank. I will remove and clean the pump, maybe it just has a reduced flow. Where are the radiators for the other 3 tanks? Do all 4 tanks have temperature sensors? My display never shows an overtemp condition.

I have the similar issue but my is the solution temperature is above the safety range CD and BF it rise above the temperature I set. I have changed the processor pcb, processor I.O, main relay pcb. Even clean all the pumps pls any help

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