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Noritsu V100 "Perforation Error"


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Don't try and change the sensitivity till its clean. Also ensure you are putting the film on the leader cards correctly using the splicing block. if its not taped on square it will track out and miss the perfs.

You can try canned air though the slot from the dev rack side, the sensors are just the other side in the loading box.

if not, you will need to remove your loading box lid, 4 screws 2 from the front under rubber covers if they still have them and 2 from the back, One under the lid near the drive sprockets and one next to the Bleach air tower under the side panel.

It can be a bit tricky to get the plastic lid off as it feels glued on but its just the light tight foam.1 plug that goes to the red green light.

The display and keyboard and a few black panels need to come off then you will see 2 screws either side of the exit into the Dev rack, You have 2 screws going down, 1 each side, 1 of them you need a long screwdriver for.

Once you have those the loading section just lifts out, can be a bit tricky. Watch out for the cutters, I suggest you fire them so they are safe.

The sensors are held in 2 clear plastic holders,top and bottom. it will more than likely be the bottom ones that are dirty of have Dev on them after pulling a leader or wet film out. Rebuild and try it again.

PS you have to feed your engineers every now and again and say nice things on odd occasions.

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Meanwhile, I was going to clean the perforation sensor 1 and 2 (right).  I'm looking at the diagram from Photocorp but can't see anything with symbol SE18 and SE18 to identify the sensor.  It's probably staring us in the face so have attached an image.  Perhaps we need to dismantle further?


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You need to take the whole loading unit out of the machine.

Remove the 2 screws that fix the keyboard and display unit, unhook the display unit and swing out of the way.

Next remove the 3 screws holding the black plate in-between the keyboard and the loading unit.

Remove the lock solenoid unit on the right hand side by removing 2 screws and unplugging the connector plug.

Unplug the drive rotation sensor on the end of the drive shaft.

Now remove the 2 screws one on the left one on the right that fix the loading unit to the machine.

Now loosen the 2 screws on the base of the loading unit, you'll need a long Phillips screwdriver for this.

Unplug the 2 connector plugs and pull and lift the loading unit out of the machine.

The sensors are located on the exit of the loading box, it will be the bottom sensors in the clear perspex block that will need a good clean. the sensor block is fixed with 2 screws, clean the holes out as well while you're there.

I very much doubt you will need to adjust the sensitivity pots 9/10 times it's just dirt/dev covering the sensors.

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Perfect instructions Dave S.  The clear perspex panel was covered in gunk so gave a thorough clean including the holes and put back together.  Even found a couple of screws that had fallen to the bottom from a previous repair I imagine!  Once we get the new keypad panel we should be up and running to cure the final fault of the water refilling error on the developer.  

Thanks again.

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