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Noritsu 3701 HD


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The HD is a great machine and yes you can see the difference in quality, unfortunately thats one of the problems. If you have an existing 320 dpi machine like a 34 or 32, the HD will show detail that the others don't. Great when its detail in hair, eyelashes, lace on wedding dresses, but that dirty mark or crease in your white studio background will be seen in the work. Had problems with customers using photoshop to work on areas and they have picked what to them looks like white and its not, or they haven't blended it very well, it shows. The get out of jail free, is to open the image and ask can they see it, yes is always the answer. Better graduation and 640 dpi normally entails larger file size so your network needs to be gigabyte.

One odd ball is that since they moved the colourimeter to the exit of the dryer, the setup patch that you used to wipe on the seat of your pants once a year, needs to be checked and cleaned at least once a week, finger grease can go yellow with the heat of the dryer and it gets very dusty.

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