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AOM - QSS31Pro


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Hi all.

We have a QSS31Pro with a failing AOM. Noritsu Taiwan have quoted about $1900 US for one unit (I124032-00 (Type 24L)

We have used a box serial with Z025645-01, on the machine, and it works, but the problem i dont know if that box serial number is the same with the actual product.

But if so, I would like to know, is it competitable to use Z025645-01 (I124020-00) on it?  :o Cause it way cheaper, it cost $600US.

Thanks in advance.

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This new AOM is manufactured by Noritsu instead of Panasonic/Matsushita. It is designed to be compatible with all QSS minilabs. However, take note that the frequency is slightly different than the OEM unit and you will need to realign your colors as well as perform the initial setup again.

I repeat:


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Quote keep the Laser unit air filter clear from dust otherwise 6 month later you will get the same issue . Good luck.

6 months may be a bit of an overstatement but Shahab Shahami makes a good point.

AOM's, PCB's and Lasers are expensive parts, Air filters are very cheap in comparison.

They are one of the most neglected areas of maintenance on any photo lab. If your store is in a city, large amounts of soot/carbon deposits found on PCB's are a major cause of failure, if you are from warmer climates heat is your enemy, so good air flow is important.

You can clean and replace your filters for years for the cost of one AOM be it a Noritsu cheap one or the more expensive ones.

Do your housework and save breakdowns

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dear davidlam:

The reason why they have quoted the expensive one, is because the technician said use the original part, but we have a friend who owned 3101, 32 and 34, he said to us, he has used the 32 series aom driver (which is the cheaper one) on qss 3101. Therefore, why purchase the expensive one if we can use the same thing?

dear magenta:

Thanx for the concern, i stay in south africa, we are in a shopping mall, therefore, i think the place is fairly tidy ;)

yes, i wil speak to my dad about the things u have mention, AOM and laser parts are really expensive, esp for 31series ;/

Since there wasnt many people who purchased them.

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