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3011 "clicking" sound form Rack?


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Hello all - I just changed out the BF tank and cleaned it... When I put it back together after starting it up =- I am getting a clicking sound - as if the rack is not turning or something  - but the paper seems to be going through??  Everything seems to turn fine - all the racks, etc... What could it be?

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Remove the No.2 rack and turn the main drive gear clockwise with your hand, the rack should turn smoothly.

If it feels rough there are likely to be worn out parts on the rack. The main culprits are a worn top drive shaft bush and the small grey gear that drives the crossover No.3.

If the rack turns normally (smoothly) check the No.3 crossover turns easily. You can fit the No.3 crossover on to the rack while it is out to test it.

The problem could be on another rack, if No.2 checks out OK check the STB racks in the same way.

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