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What causes 6106-0001 & 6073-0001 errors on 3001?


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URGENT HELP No 6106-0001 and 6073-0001 Errors Appear from a Weekend Sleep...

We are not trying to beat an old dog to .... but, this happened to us. We beg the questions WHY WHY WHY? :(

We just started a new week. Our 3001 was to awaken from a weekend sleep. Since we opened shop, we can't use the machine with these errors.

    No 6106-0001 Green Laser Light Source Status Error

    No 6073-0001 Synchronous Sensor Error

    Steps taken, in chronological order:

    a) read backup data (Saturday's business was good. Machine shut down normally)

    B) swapped Green with Red AOM

    c) swapped Green Laser Control PCB with Blue Control PCB

    d) unplugged and reseated all connectors and cables; including the AOM cables to the Laser Control PCB (J390640)

    d) replaced Green AOM with a "new" AOM

    The 3001 machine reports these 2 errors once tank temperatures warmed up. Please HELP.

    Thanks to all gurus, in anticipation.

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I'm sorry to tell you but this problem is caused by a worn out green laser.

The only solution is to replace the laser unit or have your laser unit refurbished.

Why has this happened? Due to old age, the laser unit has a maximum life of around 5 years.

If the power supply in your country is poor this can shorten the life of the laser as well.

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