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2711 DLS  / MP1600 "Printer Initialization Error"


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I`m owner of Noritsu 2711 DLS / MP1600 .. I have a problem with my minilab. When i start DLS , my computer don`t see

MP1600 and i get error "Printer Initialization Error" on DLS screen in Tab Machine. So my computer cant connect to MP1600

and shows "No Printer" message after retrying to connect.Do you know what hardware or software can be responsible for this

error ? I checked for power Image Processing PCB and 2 other small PCBs which are connected to this PCB and it seems 5V

and 3.3V power is on these PCBs correct. All LEDs light correctly as described in Service Manual. Dont know how to check

LVDS card in my computer, it seems working, its little hot when computer works and red LED on back of this card is also

working, but light is litlle dimmed - dont know if this is correct. Please tell me which PCB or software part returns this

error to DLS and what to check to resolve this problem .. Dont know how computer comunicate with MP1600 and which

connection is broken when computer cant communicate with MP1600 and get this error - LVDS connection or LAN connection..

Please Help ..



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