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Noritsu 3501, yellow goo in bleechfix


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My bleech fix generates a yellow goo that I believe is not getting washed out of the prints. When I drain the tank and I run 15 to 20 gallons of water to try and clean it out. Afterwards the residue always comes back. When I drain the flushed tank yellow micro salt like stuff settles to the bottom of the water and the water can be poured off the top. Is there a solvent to run through and clean the tanks and pumps? Can anyone tell me where this yellow stuff is coming from?

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The yellow powdery stuff is caused by the BF solution being dead, this is usually caused by lack of fresh chemistry being replenished into the main working tank.

You need to thoroughly wash out the tank and rack, and mix fresh bleach-fix tank solution. Fit a new chemical filter as well, this will filter out most of the yellow stuff.

Clean the filter every day until the yellow stuff has gone.

Check that your BF replenisher pump is operating properly.

If your print count is very low, consider increasing your BF replenishment rep rate.

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