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3001 Error


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Good morning all.

On a morning setup I get the following error.


135 DX Sensor 1 error

I understand that this is a little sensor somewhere in the film carrier but not sure which one so I have cleaned them all.  It is spotless in there, but I still get the error message when I try to do the light intensity.

The machine is still working, I can print, it just asks for the dx number all the time which is a bit of a pain.

I phoned Noritsu and they said "you will need a new film carrier, you can't adjust the sensors".  Surely this can't be right.

Is there an option anywhere to re-configure the sensors in the carrier so that this error message clears??

Your help is ver much appreciated.



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The LED's on the AFC are lit all the time the machine is on, the light emitted drops over time stopping the unit calibrating itself as part of daily setup. The LED's can be replaced but they are very awkward to strip out and replace, not to be done sitting on the floor in the shop. Noritsu will offer a refurbished item because of that. There is a mode in various adjustments to calibrate it but if its the original unit, the LED's are worn out you may get it to work for a couple of days but it will go again and get to a point that you Can not use the scanner as it will detect a film when its empty.

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If you cannot adjust this error (you have to input the daily password for technician and adjust DX with a low base film) then there is a probability that a flat- cable is broken. For you it will be impossible to change this cable as you have to disassamble completely the film carrier. See attached pdf

Errors that occur when the FFC cable breaks:

No. 1405-## Remove the 135 film from the Film Carrier.

No. 6403-## 135 film has stopped at the Film Carrier.

No. 6400 - 6402-## (Perforation/Loading/Ready) Sensor error.

No. 6412 - 6415-## 135 DX Sensor (1/2/3/4) error.

The part number for this cable is: W407029-01

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