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Replaced Image proc PCB still red dotted


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I replaced my Image processing PCB with a new style board I was still having issues with short red and green lines and also a red dotted line that started  2 months ago. After talking with Noritsu tech I was sent the fan modification for the panel that covers the image processing PCB this took care of the red and green short line but I still have the red dotted line on some images. On my 12 inch paper the line will run the length of advanced paper on my 4 inch it will run along the width of the paper. I have no alarms...

Thank you for the help

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When you replace the image processing PCB you have to be careful with the position of the spacers, some are slightly longer. If you fit them it the wrong place it can cause intermittent bad connection problems.

Check all the spacers are correct as in the attached PDF.

Other possible causes are a damaged LVDS cable from the PC to the image processing PCB or from the image processing PCB to the MLVA head. A faulty PCI LVDS card.

Are the lines exactly the same with the new image processing PCB?

It is possible the new image processing PCB is faulty, these boards are sensitive to static electricity.

Are the voltages going to the image processing PCB correct? If the voltage is slightly low it can cause odd problems.

Do you get these lines on both digital and from negative?

Do you get these lines when you output to CD or the HDD?

Were both image correction PCB's replaced?

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Spacers are correct, I had talked to the tech about the cable he said he was positive it was not the cable? The red dotted line is exactly what it was before the install of the new image processing pcb. The tech who was here yesterday was a nice and knowledgeable guy but left without fixing problem and had no idea how to proceed. Tech support in California also has no idea how to proceed. I am sitting here with a 2,000 lbs piece of junk...........

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