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Brown mark on 8" wide prints


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We have a Noritsu QSS 3300. When we print 8" wide (8x10; 8x 12) there is often a small, but annoyingly visible brown triangular mark on the long edge of the print (ie the side of the paper roll). This doesn't occur on 6" prints.

The mark seems random in its effect, but probably affects 50% of the prints, meaning we have a near 50% failure rate. I suspect light leakage from the laser because it seems to be in a consistent position on each of the prints, not consistently spaced on a single print which is what I suspect it would be if it were due to roller contamination.

Has anyone had a similar problem? Is there anything I can check to try and eliminate possible causes?

We do the usual things such as chemical replacement, roller cleaning, etc. and our normal prints all seem okay, it's just the 8" wide prints. It affects matt and gloss rolls equally, so I don't think it's light contamination of a paper batch.

You can see the mark just above 'Arthur" on the attached image. Note the mark in an identical spot on another image below and the much less obvious mark to its right.


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Thanks kodak_service; I wondered about that, but didn't think it could be because we have matt and gloss 8" magazines, both of which have the same behaviour. We'll do a double check of them both though, because maybe they are exposed when the paper is pulled out from the machine. Not sure how that would work though, because they're in the machine with the doors closed when the paper is withdrawn.

I do think it is something that happens when the paper is withdrawn in the machine because when it happens, it repeats at the same position. If it was light contamination of the roll in the magazine, the mark would be in a diferent place as the roll is used-up (the roll circumference changes as it is used). Also, it doesn't occur every time! Finally, it doesn't happen when we use 6" paper, only 8".

It's one of those annoying faults that cannot easily be replicated because it's random.

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You have very well explained a situation. Now I should draw a conclusion that the problem in the printer, but is very weak leak of light. Therefore the result depends on intensity of illumination indoors and sizes of pauses in printer work. For a photo of 8*12 inches a pause four times more than for 4*6 inches.

By the way, I haven't understood, where there are yellow stains - on lateral face or on a lfront. If on lateral face it answers on your question "why stains only on a photo of 4*6 inches?"

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Try turning out the lights in the room and make several prints to see if the mark is gone. At least this will answer the questio for sure if the light is outside light. I am sure it is. Is the mark the same distance from the leading edge or the trailing edge? If the mark goes away when the lights are out you should then try blocking the various openings in the cabinet one at a time with cardboard to see which one the light is leaking in. This can give you a better idea of where the problem is.

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