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QSS 37 B&W Shadow detail not grey.


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Need some serious help with this one.........has been an ongoing bane with our QSS3704 Pro since the first day of install nearly 2 years ago and  Noritsu (or Fuji) have not been able to resolve this idiosyncrasy to date. We run profiles from On Sight which drive all our other printers, including Agfa NetLab, older QSS31Pro Turbo and 2 x Durst 51's. All print OK perfectly except this  dam QSS37. Express Digital Labtricity is our lab workflow software.

Issue is: For studio shots with white background, shadow detail approaching  the top end of white, (somewhere between the white and the first step of the greyscale gradient), the detail seems to offset with a slightly cyanish tinge. We have added a slight offset to the print channel to mask the abberation but would like to cure the problem once and for all.

Anyone done this Brightness of Edge proceedure, and what is it's effect.

Any advice/tips most greatfully appreciated.

The scanned image for the B&W print doesn't quite show the extent of the variation unfortunately.

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