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3001 Paper jam in adavance unit


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Hi Experts

I had the  problem with advance unit & I tried to adjust right elevator unit.

I checked the whole advance unit but problem still remain.

Problem now is that the right elevator unit pick up paper & bring is back to its waiting position.

Paper is not fed into the processor.

I did output check & strange thing is that the right elevator unit makes noise on its way up.

It is not stopping correctly.

I adjusted reverse unit upper stop position, trying different values both tve & -ve but no change.

I swapped Printer I/O PCB2 & Processor control PCB from another machine without joy.

Please help, what can I do next

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YES I have an itimate relation to the paper-advance-unit :)

Just some extra checks you can make (listed by the ease doing them)


Swap sensors and see if problem moves to the other side

Start with the sensor on top then take the one that sits close to the reverse unit.

if you look for my posts you'll see a couple of posts on this topic


Unfortunately you description sounds a lot like the one we had initially.

So the exercise is about chaging the black cabling that bends up and down as the reverse units go up and down with the photo's.

And you might as weel do both while you're at it (it's one part number but not exactly a cheap part depending on where in the world you live. Here $300 + sales taxes)

I fixed it myself. And when I have some time I'm gonna make a simple fix until another time so it's a lot easier/cheaper to change as it's a very common problem.

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Depends on how this cable is assembled and if it's old/new type paper-advance-unit in his 3001.

There's a version where you have small cables with connectors to the elevator and reverse-unit.  all sources/cables prone to error. Again ... because I've been through this myself exchange of one/more cables depending on type is likely (my bet is the black cable that bends up/down when the reverse unit goes up/down.

Teberah ... you have to meassure the resistance (ohm) from end to end on the small cables if you have that setup = old version + same goes for the long cable ... from end of black cable to the connector that goes to the backplane of the minilab. It's tiresome but that's what you have to do.

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Buenas tarde amigos tengo un minilab 3001 me sale el mismo error pero con la variacion de que el mio es el 6098-0001 he revisado en la tarjeta Printer I/O PCB 2 en los contatos de test point con el multimetro en todos me dio el voltaje correcto exepto en el punto TP1 deberia haberme dado DC+5 V pero me dio 4.86V tambien he revisado la tarjeta Processor control PCB (J390592) [N] y en todos los puntos de medicion me da correcto exepto en un que es TP9 que da un voltaje de 4.7V tambien he revidado la fuente de poder que alimenta ha estas tarjetas que es la fuente llamada Multi Power SupplMulti Power Supply (printer) que da un voltaje de DC+5 V, DC?12 esta fuente me da dos canales de voltajes es decir 2 de DC+5 V y dos de DC?12 V en los 12V voltios midiendo con el multimetro me da perfecto en una linea me da -12v y en el otro +12V pero midiendo el voltaje en los otros dos de +5V en un canal me da perfecto el voltaje pero en el otro me da una voltaje de +4.9.

los brazos que suben y bajan se me an dañado pero los he echo arreglar y de continua el problema el motor baja el brazo y se comienza ha romper y comienza ha sonar taca taca taca asi que me he visto en realizar los diagnosticos primeros consultandoles mi problema y explicandoles.

Tambien he visto en algunos foros que me recomiendan cambiar los cables que van hacia los motres y los brazos de toda esta seccion.

Ahora AmigoS que me recomendarian cambiar la fuente Multi Power SupplMulti Power Supply (printer) con todo lo que les he comentado.

Esperando algun comentario me despido y gracias por su atencion


traduccion por google:

Good evening friends I have a 3001 minilab I get the same error but with the variation that is mine I revised 6098-0001 Printer Card I / O PCB 2 in the Contacts of the multimeter test point in all gave me exept correct voltage at point TP1 should have given me 5 V DC 4.86V but also gave me the card I reviewed Processor PCB control (J390592) [N] and all measurement points exept me right in a which is giving TP9 a voltage of 4.7V revidado also have the power supply feeding has these cards which is called Multi Power Supply Power Supply SupplMulti (printer) which gives a 5 V DC voltage, DC? 12 this source gives me two voltage channels ie 2 to 5 V DC and two DC? 12V 12 V volt measuring with the multimeter perfect gives me gives me a line-12V and 12V but the other measuring the voltage at the other two channel 5V voltage gives me perfect but on the other gives me a voltage of 4.9.

arms up and down is damaged but I have an echo fix the problem and the engine continued down the arm and has started to break and start taca taca taca has sound so I have been in making the first diagnostic check my problem and explaining.

I've also seen some forums that I recommend changing the wires that go to the default engine and arms throughout this section.

Now friend I would recommend changes SupplMulti Multi Power Supply Power Supply (printer) with all that I have mentioned.

Waiting for any comments I say goodbye and thank you for your attention


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not the engine is not what makes the sound is the right arm instead of raised and lowered slowly and does not go down does the engine and tac tac tac sound and the right and left arm I have broken it as the engine has lost its synchronization have told me I have to change the I / O PCB 2 which is controlled by the censors of this section.

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