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printer profile diagram - have i reason to worry


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Same as above. Need to run a Process Control Strip.........looks like your Dmax is slightly low in value meaning your Dev may be a little weak, which may not be too obvious to the eye at present as it's borderline,  If it were a problem with the Laser print engine /AOM drivers or something more electronic you might expect only one of the colours to be less than linear.

Convergence of the RGB graph lines at the top end indicates the white is within specs. If it were a Bleach issue I would expect the base-line points to be climbing up the the OUTPUT side of the chart.

But that's just a guess..........

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i change few paper type and upgrade profile and situation is the same.

Maybe it is chemestry...because of that i ask for yours oppinions...

laser is new, only couple mounths old, so my main fear is that somthing wrong with laser,

but if chemestry condition can cause diagram distorsion ....then i going to change chemestry.

where to find that contorl strip, and manual how to use it?

thanks for answers.

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You could simply spike your CD to see if that solves the problem. It is much simpler to drain a little out and refill with straight chemistry than to drain and refill the whole tank. Start with the right amount of chemistry for about one liter of solution. Drain this amount from the tank and then add the chemistry. You don't need starter. Let it mix for a while then try the weekly setup again. If the lines have improved then you know it is the chemistry. If it is still weak then you might spike it again.

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Seems you do  you do not run Process Control Strips as part of your routine setup, but you can try this for a quick visual check on the condition of your chemistry.

Remove paper magazine, pull about 3~5cm of paper out of the magazine to expose it to daylight, then rewind it back onto the case. Now set the magazine and do a print. The printer should feed a leading edge feed and cut. When this comes out of the processor check to see if the white is white and the  black 'fogged' part is perfect black. If the black looks a little blueish then this will indicate a Dev problem....... then try Kevbo's suggestion. No need to dump a full tank of CD if it's only a little under active.

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