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I think everyone is afraid of a dry printer, they think the quality is not as good. I have a dDP421 and would compare the quality of it's prints with any ones. And they are so much easier to use, a little more expensive per print but a whole lot easier.

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Dry printers have come a long way, Snap has a DDP 421 and was trying to say he is very happy with the quality etc.

This was one of the early Noritsu dry printers and when they were launched people spent more time looking at the image from odd angles looking at how the different colours had a different sheen.

The 6 series followed and then the 300. The latest D series are obviously the new kid on the block, you are not going to find a 2nd hand one so a good 621 if you can find one is a good option.

With the prices of the D701 at the moment, why not go for a New D701, get your warranty and some cracking quality prints, as Snap said easy to use but a bit more per print.

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