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Printer profiles / and monitor troubles/ neg prob


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We have a QSS-3011.

Please bear with me, I am writing this for my bossand hopefully am getting it right.

We are running the QSS software to make prints, not the DLS software (it was corrupt or didn't work for some reason when we got the machine used, and the Noritsu tech put us on the QSS software)  We had some problems with the machine and re-installed the software that came with the machine. The problem is, we had the nortisu tech out some time before that, so we lost whatever printer profiles were updated.

Now we are having a problem with our monitor. There is this crazy blue cast to it. The contrast is way off.  And when we make prints, the highlight areas are printing a very dark blue color. We can take the contrast way down, and that does fix some of the problem, however, the prints look flat, and just plain not right.

Also, we are having a problem where when we put a roll of color film in the film scanner, it comes up in B&W on the monitor. We changed the print lamp. All the daily/weekly set up print outs look fine to the eye. Daily is gray scale with almost no color skew. When we put in a CD of images, the come up in color.

We are desperately trying to avoid having to call and have the tech come out. We are a small business with limited resources, and are almost at a stand still because we can't get orders out. Any and all help for any/all problems would be very much appreciated. Right now, it feels like we are the only ones not using the DLS software... i haven't been able to find any help for the noritsu software. Thanks in advance!

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You can try this, in Windows navigate to c:\Noritsukoki\QSS-30\Data\ make a copy of the Pf folder.

Before doing this ensure you have the Noritsu profile data vol 2 CD compatible with the software version you are running.

Un-install the Profile Data using Windows Add/remove programs.

Now open the Pf folder (located as above) Delete any files that are there, do not delete any folders.

Open the Prn_Dir folder; delete all the files leave the net order folder there.

Open the Prn_Dir folder; delete all the files.

Delete Tgt_Dir folder.

Some of these files and folders may not be there as un-installing the profile data deletes them.

Now re-install the profile data CD, restart the computer.

Do a Weekly setup. Do some test prints to see if it has cured the problem.

If all is ok you can do a monthly setup to calibrate the monitor.

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