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Overspill/Bleed adjustement on QSS37


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Is there a way to adjust the overspill/bleed of images on the QSS 37 machine.

I find the image overspills too much off the page and would like to reduce it.

There is a menu in service mode menu called "Exposure Maginification Correction" but I have no idea what it should be used for.

Anyone have any ideas?



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I would not change the Exposure magnification correction. The machine is designed to give an overspill to stop white lines on the edges of the prints, due to mechanical paper transport tolerances.

To reduce the overspill amount, simply reduce the 100% magnification percentage in each print channel.

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Is there no adjustment in the Hotfolder software ( i am not familiar with this software )

As stated above you do not really want to play with the Exposure Magnification Correction setting as this will only adjust the left and right sides of the print not the leading and trailing edge this would be another adjustment.

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Normally we don't  use (well at least I haven't) the same channels for printing your normal work as those used in NetOrder mode.

You may be better off by dupilcating your normal print channels down the page a bit, making any neccesary adjustments to Magnification etc, then assign these to your  NetOrder workstation.

Do a back-up first before you start tooling around and changing things. It's cheap insurance if you're not sure of the consequences and only takes a few minutes to recover.

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