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Problem with colour, blue tinge


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I own a Noritsu qss 3001.  THe service contract was costing my shop so much that I cancelled it.  It figures that now we are having trouble with the machine.  The colour is off and is printing a bluish colour and for some bizarre reason the machine recognizes gloss paper but does not recognize matt paper even tho we've used a roll from the same package and had no problems.

If anyone has an idea what we might try it would be much appreciated.  Also, is there anyone north of Toronto, Canada that can repair these things besides the Noritsu techs? I'm just about ready to get rid of the thing and find some other option for printing photos for our customers.

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Can you please elaborate on the "blue tinge". Do you mean there is a defined cast on your prints including area where it should be white or do they look  little underprocessed, i.e. Black (Dmax) is a little washed out. Have you run a process control strip and does that look OK.

Regarding the magazine detection, can only be the coding "flags" located on the underside of  the magazine if the other one is still being detected. One of the tabs may have  accidentally been moved when loading new paper in the dark-bag. The attached shows loaction and how to set them for various paper and magazine combinations.

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As Photocorp says check the black flags.

Its also a common fault that when the magazine is out on the floor its easy to stand on the metal plate that holds the sliders, you set them all correctly and when the magazine goes in, the sensor that checks what position the flags are, in catches the black slides and pushes them back so the machine says wrong magazine.

Check the plate on the magazine is not bent.

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