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Replace AOM on 3301SD


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Can anyone advise me how to change an AOM on a 3301SD? It doesn't look too difficult to attach but not sure how to dismantle the exterior so I can get to the part inside!

Also what set up's do I do afterwards? Do I just do a daily set up then emulsion number changes on the rest of the paper mags?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


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Make sure you do a back up just in case.

1. Power OFF the lab by main switch.

2. Open the cover and get access to the laser section. (pull up the section that the keyboard sits on.)

3. You will see the three AOM's on the left hand side.

4. Unscrew and unplug the one you need. Mark it so you know which is which.

After you have put everything back do the initial setup

Then do the paper registration setup.

F -> menu -> Extension -> setup -> laser setup -> Paper registration setup.

Then the magazine setup.

F -> menu -> Extension -> setup -> laser setup -> Magazine Registration.

Good Luck!

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