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Cloning 3211 workstation hard drive


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I have a QSS3211 that I want to clone the two internal hard drives.  I use a commercial clone software to boot up from the CD drive of the Qss3211 workstation.  However the external usb drive that I tried to clone to doesn't show up at all.  i made sure the usb option was turned on in the BIOS.

My external drive is identical made and model to the QSS internal drive.

I was able to perform the same task with different PC and it worked without any problem.  All internal drive data was cloned to an external usb harddrive.  Is the QSS motherboard causing the cloning problem?

Would someone in the forum share your successful experience on cloning the QSS workstation internal hard drive to an external drive connected via usb port?

Thank you.

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