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QSS 3001


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Oba: Kodak_service is right. resizing before you process them on your 3001 will save you a lot of time.

Actually what is the right size to do with the resizing. I've seen the kiosk do some very odd numbers.

For 4x6" it should be 4x320 by 6x320 (1280x1920) and it's doing 1795x1205 with any of the size of pictures below






is 1795x1205 the number of pixels inside the yellow frame ??

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When I put 1795x1205 into Photoshop it gives me 10.2cm x 15.2cm (4x6) @ 300 dpi.

So I would presume the kiosk is downsizing to 300dpi rather than the machines output of 320dpi

The best resize with no quality loss on the 30 series is 320dpi.

For the best speed with virtually no quality loss 300dpi is fine.

I doubt if you can see any difference between 300dpi & 320dpi on smaller size prints.

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Yes, manually resizing does help "speed things along", but here's a scenario you need to think about :

(My turn to play devils advocate :) )

What about the extra effort required when someone brings in a 4GB chip from a 12MP camera with a 4:3 ratio and wants to print them all as 4"x6" ??  What if they just spent the last hour custom cropping those images on your Noritsu CT kiosk so the person's head doesn't get cropped off ?  

The CT kiosks will not re-size images as the NDPOF file generated works off the original image (and pixel dimension) that your Noritsu then has to re-render with the new cropping instructions from the original image... this is where the rendering time to show in PJP mode is extremely slow.  (it has to load the image, select the crop (or final image size) area, resize the image, then render it down to size, then show it on screen (I THINK)).

There are many programs that can shrink files down to a reasonable size (4x6x300dpi) automatically and fairly quickly assuming a 2:3 ratio, but cropping a 4:3 ratio image is a heck of a lot more painful, especially if the customer has done (or wants) custom cropping on those images (to save their mother's forehead for example)

Now, I'm only talking about issues I have with the Noritsu kiosks, some other kiosks actually re-render to the crop the customer chose so you are the lucky ones, but for those of us with "dumb" kiosks it is a painful thought to try to resize & crop a customers image (& quantity), when you can barely understand the pixel dimensions shown in the NDPOF file.

I supposed I'll have to see if I can "work out" how to automate this.... AND maybe sell it to some of you guys....

Unfortunately I don't have access to all the kiosks available, so I MAY be able to do this for only Noritsu kiosks, but then who has the time ?   I'm too busy twiddling my thumbs waiting for customers !   ;D

Something for those programmers amongst us to write maybe ??  Break down the CT kiosk's NDPOF file, re-size & crop the images and re-generate a new NDPOF file to place on the CT kiosk that the Noritsu printer can read and load up much faster (one would hope).

I dunno....

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We operate both 3001 and 3011. We use an external PC installed with a free image resizer software. It does the job pretty quickly. We print files from Canon 1DMkii, Nikon D3 and most high megapixel cameras. It's a breeze because in one step of our workflow, we downsize those image files. For 4R (6 in x 4 in), we resize the images, at 300 dpi, to 1800 pixels by 1350 pixels. The 1350 pixel dimension is to allow for SD (TV 4:3 aspect ratio) resolution from the originating source.

The  file resizer is available FREE from http://www.faststone.org. The latest is version 3.0, here is the link: http://www.faststone.org/FSResizerDownload.htm

If you have extra pocket money, you could use ACDSee 10 Photo Manager. Does the same job, but it's a commercial software. In our opinion, FSResizer does it faster, and it's FREE.

Our 3011 and 3001 both use version 2.8 and 2.9 respectively.

With FSResizer, we are churning out prints as fast as one can get... Really. No expensive PC upgrades.

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I do a lot of work in Photoshop but that great software is power hungry for RAM and Harddisk real estate. I beg to disagree using PS for resizing.

Please, take this with a grain of salt, how I use Faststone Resizer:

Faststone resizing:

1. (Enable) Use Advance Options, and then Click Advanced Options button

2. In the Resize tab, check the box for Resize (enable)

3. Check "in Pixels"

4. (a)     You can use the default standard sizes, by clicking the box, and select, say 2048 x 1536

             (this is plenty of pixels for 5R) or, you can

OR, you can do so manually

4 (B)    In the width box, enter 2100 (that is 7 in x 300 dpi)

           In the height box, enter 1500 (being 5 in x 300 dpi)

5. Check "Preserve Aspect Ratio" (pertinent for pocket cams with 4:3 aspect ratios)

6. Check "Do Not Resize when Original Size is Less than the New One".

7. Then Click OK

When you return to the "Main Screen", you have the choice to

a) Uncheck (Disable)  the Output Folder, this means the resized images will overwrite the original files in the originating folder.

B) Uncheck (Disable) Ask Before Overwrite, meaning, the software will not ask you if you wish to "OVERWRITE" the original files. In my case, 99% of the time, it's OK to overwrite.

When you are done, click CONVERT. Once this is done, your 3001/3011 will print at blazing speeds.

Just my 2 cts. All the best.

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I agree with tonyee168, but I use Irfanview pretty much same process as above, but advanced view section is realy easy to use you can choose the dpi + longest size in inches if you wish & preserve aspect ratio. We use this to resize our Canon 5d mk2 files (21 megapixel) so that we can process them to disc to upload galleries to our website. This program can also re-number and can sonvert certain file types also great to convert to black & white so that the digital files will open as B&W and no have to be converted by the lab. We used this feature to print an event job and the files opened frighteningly quick. It's free here:


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