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Printer Profile Calibration on 3101


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Hey gang,

The graph on screen of my 3101 during the Printer Profile Calibration is not looking right. The red and blue are between the "yellow" calibration lines, but not the green. It dips really low at the bottom of the graph and tries to go back between the "yellow" calibration lines as goes up. Any ideas on how I can correct this? All the maintenance is up to date as far as chemistry, bulb, filters and such. Thanks for all your help.

Here is an image of what I'm referring too.

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Firstly you need to run a control strip to make sure your chemistry is in good control.

What paper type are you using?

What is the paper type number used for the setup of the machine?

Did this problem just happen all of a sudden, or was it after doing something or changing something?

Does the grey 18 step setup print look normal?

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