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Banding on 3001/3011. Please help


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I have a “Kodak System 30” which is, as you know,  a commercial name for  QSS-3001/3011,  but with SM.

Few days ago,  suddenly,  appear a problem.

I have attached  two prints  for your reference.  

As you can see, banding appear only where "exist some color". If it’s a "white", banding doesn’t appear.

Banding  appear without any logic. Sometimes,  after 6-7 prints  ( 4”x6”)  appear one print  with banding. After that maybe appear one more, but after that print  appear maybe after 10 or 20. Sometimes appear 3 or 5 together… I couldn’t catch  it…

Banding appear on 20x30 (8”x12”) only one per print, except once when  it’s appear two times on the same print.

This banding appear only once on the daily setup print.


Some information about a minilab and laser unit  for your reference:

First installation was on Sept. 2002

But machine has only 1 – 1.2 million of copies and in this 8 years the machine was in a “deep sleep” for 3 years

Kodak has changed me a laser after few months (May of 2003) due some problem, but I don’t remember what problem.

Now is a type T113     A    

Software version is a K001. I have installed it  6 months ago. Before that it was some version before J. I don’t remember what version…

R Laser thermosensor temperature  is around 32.3ºC  without printing

Laser unit Thermosensor is 32.5ºC…


Thanks in advance.


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I think your problem is most likely to be caused by one of the AOM drivers.

At a guess I would say the green one.

It could also be caused by poor contact of the connections going to the AOM driver etc, simply unplugging and re-plugging back all the connections could resolve the issue.

It is possible to swap the green and blue AOM drivers around with one another, if the print starts getting yellow bands instead of magenta this will be the part at fault.

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I agree, swap over ideally all 3 with each other and carry on.

If results are same but different, then AOM unit is culprit.

My 3001 needed a laser change but no aom changes in over 8 years, but everyone else knows that AOM units are a weak link and do need working on.

I would also question the quality of my electricity supply.

But, I think it is the a faulty aom unit.


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Hello to all of guys.

Thank you very much for your time... :-)

Well, as I  said, this problem was very difficult to catch because it was very random...

So I switch Green and Blue AOM, and  in the  first  daily setup I found yellow banding but very narrow and very weak. I print 20 images, and on one I found on yellow bar, and again vry weak. It was almost imposible to see it. After that I prinet nearly 100 images without any problem...

So I went to sleeo, and to wait to start printing in the morning...  

And finally, in the morning no problem in the first 200 copies.. But finally it start to happene again...  And of course, randomly....  But less then yesterday in original configuration...   Yesterday afternoon, we had almost 30% of the prints bad. And today only maybe 5-10%...  

Oh yea,s almost to forget... AOM and all electronic was full of dust... We didn't clean it for one year... :-(  And the temperature in the shopis   27ºC  I have cleaned everything, including AOM. I have opened and cleaned it inside. Of couse, I  didn't touch electronics... it' s veru well protected...

Finally I took new AOM from one person, I have changed it this evening. And we have print put 200 photos after that and no problem... Of ourse, I have changed  GREEN   AOM.  

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