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HELP. Can't Print Anything 6015-0001 Error


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We have a 3011 machine. For two days, the 6073-0003 Error message appeared. We cleared the alarm, pressing NO key, and were able to continue printing.

Today, around midday, a series of error messages appear. We can't even access the MENU. Can't do any daily setup. These are the error messages:

a)6105-0001 B Laser Light Source Status Error

followed by

B) 6073-0003 Synchronous Sensor Error.

Pressing the NO key to silence the alarm, the next message appears, viz

c) 1903-0001 Processing. One Moment Please...

When the © message appeared, the laser got kicked in a new cycle of "Laser Temperature Adjusting".... something like that... this cycle repeats and repeats. We can't do any business now..

Please, illuminate us what could be the problem. We've switched the AOM, and Blue and Green Laser Driver PCBs to no avail. Please, any Gurus out there, do HELP us.

Many thanks.

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There are a few options for laser repair and diagnosing your problems, including  from those who have already responded, Eugene (above) "Problem Localization".

This older document is from Noritsu Technical Support and  dated 2003 for the QSS-30xx machines, regarding the errors you describe. May help to confirm the laser as faulty before you go ahead and remove or replace.


Disregard the last page....I scanned too many to pdf.

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First of all, my apologies for I had to travel between countries this past weekend. You see (and, oh, please allow me to brag), I have business in two countries. The machine giving this error message is a 2 hr 30 min flight away. So I had gone there to check... thus the delay for my reply. Thanks to all who responded.

Where am I located, Yustas asked. Brunei and Malaysia. Two minilab businesses in two countries.

Yes, Thanks to all for taking time to give suggestions. And, to Photocorp for uploading a link on Filefactory. Unfortunately, I am NOT able to access this PdF. But thanks anyway. I'm getting DOWNLOAD ERROR...perhaps if you could post it to HOTMAIL or RAPIDSHARE.. I think Filefactory has a no-go-to geographic location... FILESERVE is fine too, by the way.

What is being done now is I'm shipping my 3001 to my other shop where this problem resides and temporarily take care of the laser problem, until we send out the faulty one for repair.

Thanks to YEP for suggesting the go-to person/company for repairs. Much appreciated.

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