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QSS31 and 31 Pro Specs:  What's the difference


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Looking at a QSS31Pro.  

Appreciate the assistance  from some more informed forum member to  advise me of the diffences between the  the QSS3101 standard and the Pro version. I imagine the only difference will be  it's a network printer and as such doesn't come with  the front end film scanner, which we don't require anyhow!

The 3101 has 8 racks  and the same tank capacities as the later QSS37 series 30L + 30L + 50L. We are not impressed with our later QSS3704 and looking to "downgrade" to a previous generation printer and phasing out our ageing Agfa NetLab2.Plus.

We already have a Pro-Turbo which has the PP1230G Paper Processor with 10 racks. Can't locate the specs brochure.

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If I were in your shoes, I'd pass the 31xx and go straight to the 32xx machines.  

At least you could then do 12" x 36" wide prints.... 12x18 is soooo last decade.... ;-)

AND, Noritsu's parts will still be available for a while longer with the 32 machines.

Basically  8 years after the machine has been discontinued, parts will also no longer be available....

    23/24/25 series - no more parts available.

    26/27 series - no more parts after March 2010

    28 series - no more parts after March 2011

    29 series - no more parts after March 2012

not sure on the 30, 31 or 32 machines, but the 32 should be at least a year longer than the 31xx.

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Have a look here http://www.noritsu.co.jp/english/products/qss31pro.html

I've found the 31 series to be far more reliable than the 32 series.

The laser just seems to last forever! Got machines out there 8 years + still on the original laser!

The 34Pro is the speeded up version of the 32Pro. Which superseded the 31 series.

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