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Anyone had dealings with this company?


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We were in preliminary  discussions with Nexus International (aka - Photxport UK) re trying to acquire a QSS 31 Pro and/or Turbo version.  Our contact  there Derek, advised there were a number of QSS31 and QSS32 models coming up in October and quoted us on prices.

Over the past few weeks all has gone quiet with these guys. Will not respond to our e-mails just for a "heads-up" on what has transpired in the interim........not even the courtesy  to say they are no longer available or have been pre-sold. Very suspicious.......

I went to great lengths in organising purchase approval and allocating funds for the impending aquisition, but Nexus seem to have "gone to ground".

Feedback appreciated: Anyone know more about, or had experience with this organisation!!!!!!!


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I closed my lab and had my Noritsu to sell in July 2010.

Derek of nexus international offered me the deal I accepted.

As my closing date approached I did find that he didn't reply to emails as fast as I would like, but the whole deal worked perfectly.

Nexus international offered to pay before collection and they did, and their collection integrated seamlessly with my shop closure.

This is/was my only experience with Nexus international. I might have prefered better communications, but everything worked out perfectly for me and my business.

I have no reason to believe differently.


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