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2901 red dotted lines


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I personally think it is the ram but unfortunately it is near impossible to find anyone with the composite memory ram. Noritsu is out of there minds claim they can get it from Japan for $3,000, AAA Imaging thought they had it and was going to sell it to me for $700 but they have the other ram for the scanned images

anyone have any ideas on testing to confirm actual problem before throwing $3000 dollar parts at it that might not fix it

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Could be caused by one of the image correction PCB's. Try swapping the 2 image correction PCB's around with one another.

Try swapping the memory PCB's (J390504) with one another.

Dave from what I see in the service manual the memory pcb (J390504) Saves image data which are transferred from the scanner . I do not think it can be swapped with Memory PCB (composite memory) (J390548 ) they physically look different not just the part #. Any other ideas Dave I know you are very knowledgeable with these printers half the time I have a problem I can do a search and find a good answer and you are right there. thanks

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It is correct that memory PCB J390504 saves data which transfered from Scanner, But if you are not using Scanner, Can you remove Memory and run the machine? Certainly NOT.

Well, All three memories are available  with us.

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There are 3 memory PCB's on the image processing PCB.

2 of the memory PCB's are the same (J390504)

P210 is for image data from the scanner.

P203 saves the output image.

The third memory is the composite memory (J90548 ) which is as you know is different so can't be swapped with the other two.

I really don't know exactly what data is stored in each memory PCB, the manual is at best very vague!

You have nothing to loose in trying to swap the memory in P210 & P203 around.

Other things to check are the LVDS cables from the PC to the image processing PCB and from the image processing PCB to the MLVA head.

Do you get the same issue if you output digital files to CD or the HDD?

Do you get this problem if you print from negative?

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Sorry for the delay in getting back still have problem on certain prints. I swaped the 2 identical memories no help. I am getting it on hard drive output also. I do not run negatives at all scanner has been down for a couple year I use a Pakon.

Any suggestion on things to try before I purchase a new Image processing PCB.

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