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Error 5508 Procession Solution Level Is too Low


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Help! We are really not sure of what we are doing but we are doing our best. We just drained and cleaned our stabilizer tanks (we have four) on our QSS 3300 Pro. When draining the stabilizer tanks I accidentally drained just a bit of the bleach fix but not more than an ounce. After cleaning everything we refilled the Stabilizer tanks and put everything back together and when we turn the machine on it says Error Message 5508 Procession Solution Level is too low. I've cleaned the strainers down at the bottom and I am at a loss for what to do next.  I don't have the proper equipment to test the pump output but if that is what has to be done to fix this then I will do that. Any suggestions on what to do???? Thanks Thanks

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Not a pump out issue if the error was present  at  turn-on. If the error popped up after the machine was running for a while then maybe. One of your tanks is slighly low, or float switch is jammed down a bit by build up of crystals on the shaft or stem of the sensor. Jiggle them up and down to free them. If you can't get to the sensors, then jiggle the filter up and down to exercise the floats.

Other possibilty is the level you filled is just not quite to the height required. Take the filters out and have a look inside, you  can get a good idea of where the normal level should be by the chemical "tide mark" (usually) on the plastic sides of the tank. Top up with water then re-insert the filter slowly to allow for overfow run-off.

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