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Mp 1600 problem plz help


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Hi everybody

Two weeks ago a screw feel into my Noritsu MP1600 Exposure Advanced Unit so becouse of that, i had to remove the Exposure advanced unit to remove the screw in the system. After removing the screw in the system and now there is line on every photo that i print. Plz see the attached photo and will see what i mean. My machine needs an Uniformity setup but that is not the issue in this case.

Please help me.


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No. 1042-## Paper remains.

Paper advance unit 2

Location and description of electrical parts 6206

Canceling the attention message

The message will be automatically canceled when the

paper is removed.


The attention sub-number corresponds to the respective


Attention No. 1042-01

1. Paper sensor 5 (right: SE89) is in the DARK status during

the initial operation.

Attention No. 1042-02

1. Paper sensor 5 (center: SE90) is in the DARK status

during the initial operation.

Attention No. 1042-03

1. Paper sensor 5 (left: SE91) is in the DARK status during

the initial operation.


When the attention message appears even though no paper is


(1) Check that there is no dust or other foreign matter on the

light axis of paper sensor 5.

(2) Check that paper sensor 5 is not soiled.

(3) Check that the LED sensor and the detection sensor of

paper sensor 5 are aligned.

(4) Failure in paper sensor 5 (right: SE89, center: SE90, left:


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Before use this instruction you must clean the dust of the Lamp House. then...

1.You can enter to the Service Mode (2260)

2.Use the Extension->Setup->Load Voltage Setup To correct the Light Source

3.After the correction go to Extension->Setup->MLVA Setup; Just press "No" button till appear then press "Yes"

and that is the uniformity with out the scanner.


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