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"Smoke" from V30/J107 connector on POWER PCB2


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That headline kind of tell it all ....

Of course I forgot to make a picture before I had to leave early today

Things happen after a successfull cleaning of the motor P1, where we made sure that no chemical/fluid hit anything with extra pieces of cloth everywhere as we "plugged" both tubes leading to the motor we had to clean :)

At least we like to think so :)

The really odd thing is that it didn't happen right away but after 1-1½ hours after starting it up again.

Let me hear what we/I did wrong/forgot. Or is this Murphy's law at it's best and it just choose to strike when we thought everything was fine :)

TIA as always for your usefull replies :)

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No errors from the V30 until this "smoke" appeared.

Well J107 it seems deliver power for the display/control panel of V30.

So, we really feel like one big "questionmark" how this can happen. Doesn't the machine like to have clean "main" engines ??

Can it be that some "small" amount of fluid has enforced/provoked a shortcut ??

I'm still amazed that this can happen !!

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The area below P104 is exactly in mint condition :(

Then comes P107 connector

and the P95 connector

I kind of got the board turned up side down :)

What I can't quite figure out is if there's a "lane" where it's the most black

I can add that P104 and P95 connectors isn't used in the V30

I don't think the situation looks impossible, but the "base" of that 4-pin connector could need some assistance. Can one get some material that one can use to fix the base-isolation of the connector on that board.

Well, keep you comments comming.

Some schematics on that P107 cable and around it would be nice, especially if anything relates to that black "cube" to the left :)

The font of Power PCB 2


The back of Power PCB2

The back isn't that damaged, bu you kind of notice the two black spots !!


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Just repairing the board is one thing, but what's causing the issue ?  

You need to fix that so this doesn't happen again.

If it didn't happen right away, there's something causing the extra current draw which fried the board.    Wonder why a fuse didn't blow first...

What plugs into P104 ?  and the connector between P104 and P95 ?

If it's the circ pump, maybe some of the windings have fused ??

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You're making a very important concern.

Nothing plugs into P104 and P95. I've got the pictures to argue this.

According to the service-manual

P104 is "film counter/hour meter" and is optional

P94 is "Not in use"

I think this board is a general board that is being used in V50 and V100 too hence the extra functionality - maybe

The P107 supplies the power to the control-panel of the V30 so I'm quite sure that rules the pump out.

2'nd windings part and cover was passing a drying-oven to make sure that it was dry before being assembled again.

Fuses were checked as the very first thing in the whole process, but an extra check of the fuses can't hurt for sure.

Which fuse relate to the power for p107/the control-panel

Link for relevant info :)


(look for section 6015 in the service-manual)

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Then the cable needs exchange, because it was only touched gently when taking out the fan (+ wire) that is in front of the pumps. P107 cable is only inside the "electronic" section and not in the same section of the pumps.

Cables doesn't last forever !!

But I will admit that if one compares the cable to a new one the old is very stiff.

(This was also the case for the paper-advance-unit I "refurbished")

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Made a close inspection of the back of the board just now. Tiny stain of fluid did somehow reach the back of the print. Unfortunately one of those stains hit the wrong place :)

I could use a "foto of a front from this type of board (Power PCB 2 / Part #J340012-03) that hasn't been burned to check if I'm missing some lanes :) If so the fix will become a bit more tough to make but not impossible.

Kodak_service ... SCHEMATICS PLEASSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEE (if there is some that cover the board :) .... I don't think so but I can hope)

Here you go with a "cleaned" version of both sides:

First the front (doesn't look good)


And then to the back .. looks better no trouble here.


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OH yes Kodak_Service .... I can see I have trouble on the 3'rd, but It's not impossible :)

ehm ... if I cut all the bad burned PCB away .... I'll be in real trouble or with a very big hole .... !!

Just shortly a pin description ... Pin 1 being the one further away from the P107 signing on the front :)

(from page 388 in the schematics)

Pin 1: + 5V

Pin 2:  Ground

Pin 3:  - 24V

Pin 4:  +24V

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And extra note:

As pin 104 isn't used in V30 it should be possible to dismount it and do some better autumn-cleaning in that area too.

I still believe (until failing) that with some wire I can get past the limit of the missing board and lane from Pin 3 and Pin 4.

By making a connection to the appropiate places from the "fresh" connector I have there's a reasonable chance to make a "bug-fix"

Looking forward to inputs for my "crazy fix"

TIA for you valuable input.

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Partly fixed

I have the right voltages out from P107 all the way til P111 on the control display.


So the question is ... did the shortcut in P107 cause bad things to happen on the control display PCB

Toasting the EEPROMS / OTHER circuits ??

I'm challenged in this regard.

There's some test-pins / points, but I have no clue how to use them

Thanks in advance

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