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3501 yellow ghosty image


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Check recent Noritsu posts  over the  past couple of weeks where you will find discussion topics and  links to similar issues. A scanned image sample  of your print would assist.

These sites are very helpful in diagnosing your problems



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Laser is one of the most misterious part of the physics.

It can work many years without any errors and it can refuse to emit the light in three days after the installation of the brand new lab.

Paper jam has no attitude to this matter.

Yellow ghost means that laser unit needs to be fixed.

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Can you please scan the image and post it here. Or just swap the Blue AOM with other and see if there is still yello ghost image. If an error displayed that mean AOM is faulty or if there is still yellow ghost image , in that case you have to get fix your laser.

Good Luck.

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i swap the AOM and ghost is gone, after i swap it no more ghost image like before but the colour is very greenish, then i did paper set up, the machine can accept the result after 5 times, but the result still not good as before. ..now i did manual compesation with manual correction, at least until the new AOM arrive....is it really AOM faulty ? cause the syptom at the first time like laser faulty ?

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From your descriptions it does sound like a faulty AOM driver.

If the AOM driver was good swapping it from the blue to the green would not have changed the colour of the prints dramatically.

You will only get an error on the screen if the red AOM driver is completely faulty (6073-0001 synchronous sensor error).

The green and blue synchronous sensor error message will never appear on a 35 series laser.

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