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help! laser required for Noritsu 3001


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I've just had exactly the same problem and had my laser swapped. Luckily I am on a contract.

Have Noritsu actually looked at your machine? They do have a habit of automatically assuming that a new laser is needed when this error is seen. Although it probably is a laser problem especially in your machine is around 4-5 years old.

The only thing worth doing is to give all your circuit boards a good blow of with canned air. (I'm talking about the computer under the monitor and the image processing board at the left side of the machine) Sometimes a build up of dust can cause strange errors.

The reason for the drivers may be that the new/reconditioned laser is of a different type.

To be honest, you are probably going to have to pay out the money and have it fitted. It's really not worth messing about trying to find an alternative source of lasers or buying a secondhand machine. If someone is discarding a 3001 it is going to be because the laser is giving problems.

The only thing you might try is to see if Noritsu would give you a good trade in against a new machine. You can get a good deal on a new machine along with a 3 year extended warranty (giving 4 years in all)

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I use to be a Noritsu tech. I have never had to replace the Laser unit yet. "No.6073 Laser Synchronous Sensor error" appears suddenly and the processing is impossible.

Though the error can be cleared with [NO] key, it reoccurs within 1 minutes or less.

So, printing is impossible. G AOM Driver PCB (i124001) is probably defective.

They like to change lase units an with it comes a new G AOM Driver PCB. The field tech does not know how to poblem solve.The laser unit has a 10 year warrentee on it I think




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Doug !You need to remember why YOU GOT FIRED from NORITSU!  insted of giving bad advice and negative information like you allways do. You were always a negative person and you were never liked by other TSRs and Customers. Don't do this to a person that is desperate to fix a problem.

If you have a Sysnchronus error  call Noritsu and have someone that Knows what they are doing and have the latest information available DO NOT listen to someone that has not work for Noritsu anymore and has no up to date information and by the way the lasers are NOT warrantied for 10 years

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The error message 6073 Laser Synchronous Sensor error can be caused by many of the different parts that control the laser unit.

Unfortunately it is very difficult to eliminate the laser unit itself without checking all of the power supplies and replacing the various PCB

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It's worth checking that your process is in control. Although I think you might need a laser (and I've just had one fitted after the same messages) an out ofcontrol process CAN sometimes produce these errors.

The simple fact is that anyone thinking of purchasing one of these machines should make sure that they can get a service contract and should factor the price of the contract into their figures.

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