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V30 - Error 24 circulation pump stopped P1


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OK so walking the path og the service-manual

Before this we also had an error 35 on STB-3 but it disappeared after a little poking with the float switch

1. Filters are fine

2. fuses look OK

3. Cables look fine from a visual point of view

4. And we haven't bought a multimeter for the shop so I didn't get to meassure the 24V DC (mine was at home laughing it's a.. off)  while pump was in action.

(Those pumpts are really put very well away !!)

Watching the salat of cable there a diagram would be very helpfull for sure.

My question is: is below the way to go + step 4 above first ??

I've also read these replies online by "Noritsu Help"

  • the problem is down to the processor cover micro switch located in the back left corner of the processor upper cover. You can try adjusting the position of the switch, if that does not work the switch will need to be replaced.
  • for similar problem related to the V50
    To enter the service mode turn on dip switch DS2 No.2 on the main control PCB (J340033-00).
    You can leave it in the service mode permanently, it's less hassle long term.
    There are 2 causes of this problem.
    1. A faulty SSR that is not switching off the heater properly.
    2. A blocked or non operating circulation pump. (though normally if the pump is not operating you will get P8 stopped error messages).
    The easiest way to test if the problem is caused by a faulty SSR is to measure the voltage going to STB heater. Go to output check mode, processor, scroll down to the BL heater and press and hold the yes key while measuring the voltage (black and white lead) going to the STB heater. The voltage measurement should be very close to 0V AC.
    If there is voltage on the STB heater every time another heater is operated in output check mode the STB SSR has gone faulty.
    If the SSR checks out ok, then the problem is down to poor circulation of the chemistry in last STB tank.

As usual TIA for usefull replies

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Hi, YEP,

Anything it is not necessary to do. The reason of 99,9 % of errors 024-P1 are mechanical problems in the pump.

1. Swelling of a rotor because of penetration into it of a solution. In this case it is necessary to replace a pump.

2. Silver sedimentation on an axis of rotation of a rotor. It is necessary to disassemble carefully a pump (four screws from that party to which hoses are connected). Be especially careful with an axis - it ceramic and very fragile.

Don't forget to merge a solution before pomp switching-off.

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Also it is possible to define where there is a reason - in a pump or in Power PCB2.

For this purpose it is necessary to disconnect the connectors 138 and 139 (these are wires from circulation pump). Then to connect J138 and P139, and also J139 and P138. If after that error number doesn't change, it is necessary to repair Power PCB2.

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