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Reverse unit trouble in qss-3001


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After checking an even exchanging some cable at our paper-advance-unit we still have trouble with the left "reverse unit"

- Horizontal movement

- non-smooth movement when in idle mode open door (right side works fine)

- horizontal sensor most likely dead

All connections have been checked and still the the sensor has a life of it's own (dead) :)

We checked the 51mm to frame distance.

.....  and that they're parallel to the top-frame (reasonable).

And the very funny thing ... we did about 50-70 quickly just to run a test ..... and then the machine stood idle for a couple of minutes and then our travel through land of error continued.

We just tested inside the output mode if things was behaving and that left sensor took us for a ride.

Solutions !!

out with that sensor and get a new one (2 to have a spare)

but what about the non-smooth sliding of the left reverse unit

slides is greased very well.

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We resolved things this afternoon .. picked of the reverse units to have a closer look at things and some general cleaning while at it :)

The reverse units is mounted with two umbraco screws. if you just loosen them a little and let them stay in place try and "move" the reverse unit an you'll see the screw closest to the middle actually allows some "moving/adjustment" and by simple comparing the other side and also adjusting the piece of metal that is breaking the sensor light we are now fine again.

But we did get "though" lots of things that need a little twist.

The cables for the horisontal motors and sensors on both sides

Two connectors for the horizontal and elevator on one side

And fixed a design-flaw with the cable that provide power and sensoring for the whole paper-advance-unit.

So if anyone have a questing about the paper-advance-unit for the qss-3001 ... feel free to ask ...

We have made some pictures and have a pretty good idea about the why's and whens of the problem-space we explored.

So if you get a "bad clutch sound" from one of your reverse-units during horizontal movement just look at the space between the slide it's mounted on and compare to the other side ...(not the frame)

Thanks for all inputs to this and my previous thread about horizontal movement/paper jam etc. :)

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ASAP I have time I'll write up a little check list on "how to make you paper-advance-unit behave like you want it".

Paper-advance-unit not working = machine not working.

@ spectrum:

Well I will write that guide to those who will benefit from some very "subjective" descriptions to assist the process beyond the service manual as it lacks some of that.

I didn't know at the time but this summer after just 14 days of "if there's a serious stop you can look inside aquaintance with the 3001" and some test print / calibration card out of range trouble I actually made an "almost" complete initial setup.

So as they say "you milage may wary" (YMMV). I've been around tech. equipment for 25+ years allthough it's not my educational/professional background it sure comes in handy if you can combine it with IT HW/SW tech skills :)

/END enough selfpromotion for today

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