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print problems on mp1600


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I am having an issue with prints from from our mp1600 suddenly coming out reddish. at this time there isn't much of pattern as to when it happens. I am leaning towards the possibility that the lamphouse filters are not functioning correctly and I have a few parts comming from another machine that I will swap out in the next day or so...as soon as they get here. We can get a run of good prints and then a few minutes later they go bad. A restart usually gets rid of the problem but of course that wastes a lot of time. We are undergoing a heatwave that for this area is unprecedented and the store is very hot the Aiorconditioning is just not keeping up.I have attached a jep of a good and bad print to this message.

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The lamp house filters only adjust to balance the paper, once the paper is balanced they normally do not move.

They do not move with each exposure like on a analogue printer.

It may be the image processing PCB is simply getting too hot, too much heat causes all sorts or random problems.

Other possibilities are a failing hard drive, causing data corruption.

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