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How to Use RA4 chemistry in SM minilab


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I want to use a SM minilab with RA-4 chemistry. I have minilab converted to fuji FA2 chemistry.

I want to know how can I do the working solution, how to do replenishment solution rates

and temperatures (in SM Developer and bleach/f time is 25 seconds) and it uses 40°C developer.

we want to use Kodak LOOR SP chemistry.

PLease help me


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Thanks Mr Noritsu,

I have already installed the conversion Kits.

Do you know if I can use Kodak Loor SP developer and Bleach in work tanks of SM minilab? temperature of developer have to be 40°C?

and replenishment solutions are the same as RA-4, or more concentrate?

Thank you Very much

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I am not an expert, but:

The CD & BF racks in the RA chem is longer than SM chem.  Longer soak at a slightly lower temp

(We have 2901 RA and bought used (broken) 2901SM, and the manual says the SM CD&BF racks are shorter than RA... I don't know exactly what else is different between the two)

If you already converted from SM to Fuji FA2, I don't know if you could use the Kodak LORR with it.

We used to have an old 2301 with the Fuji FA2, and it was a PITA.

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I suggest you check this site


from kodak. You will need to look at the dev and bleach-fix times to make sure you can use the LORR chemistry.

You will need to know the actual dev time of you machine to check it out.

I'm guessing it will work, as many others have done this conversion, but the Kodak Z manuals are the "bible" you need for the information.

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